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Offical Publications

Forming a Neighborhood Watch group is the first step for every community mobilizing against crime. National Sheriffs' Association's Neighborhood Watch Implementation Manual provides you with information on how to start a Watch group and suggest activities for your group to participate in once it is up and running.

UOW Current Issues is a publication that focuses on specific issues or concerns of Neighborhood Watch Groups. Below you will find our most recent issues.

Along with acting as the "eyes and ears" of local law enforcement, Neighborhood Watch also encourages citizens to take steps to make their own homes and property less vulnerable to the threat of break-ins and vandalism. The following Neighborhood Watch resource materials discuss steps you can take to help secure your home or business, and your valuables:

Youth Publication:
Often youth can be just as involved with Neighborhood Watch in their school and after school communities. As a result of a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America we created the below publication. The purpose of the publication is to reinforce crime prevention concepts and provide ideas for youth programs.

The Citizens' Preparedness Guide provides current crime and disaster preparedness information to give Americans guidance on how to prepare in homes, in neighborhoods, at work, at the airport, in places of worship, and in public spaces.

Action Clips:
Though our partnership with Celebrate Safe Communities, NSA and NCPC were able to create some media files that talk about Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, and CSC.

Please check back periodically for new crime and terrorism prevention information. Also, our publications libary has many more resources we have created that are not listed above.

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