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Neighborhood Watch and PACT360


Community Education Programs:

For 40 years, Neighborhood Watch has enhanced public safety by creating community-based partnerships to fight crime and improve the quality of neighborhood life. In partnership with The Partnership at, a section has been designed to familiarize participants with the PACT360 suite of drug education and prevention programs contained within the Neighborhood Watch Toolkit.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, The Partnership at
, developed PACT360- Police and Communities Together. Launched in 2006, PACT360 is a law enforcement-led community prevention education system designed to deal with existing drug issues and rapidly respond to emerging drug threats.  The goal is to help reduce illicit drug use and its accompanying criminal behavior thereby improving the safety and quality of life of the community.  Initially focused on methamphetamine only, PACT360, has been exapanded to address all youth drug and alcohol issues, deliver research-based information and resources to the caregivers to help them deal with these issues.

The PACT360
Website provides a wide range of resources to parents and community organizations that are working to prevent or respond to substance abuse issues.  The site enhances the ability of local law enforcement and prevention and treatement organizations to network and engage with parents and other community stake holders.

Working together with key community stakeholders focused on prevention, treatment, health care, education and law enforcement, The Partnership at developed a series of research-based, multimedia community education programs designed specifically to inform parents about today’s drug and alcohol landscape, equip them to be more effective in dealing with these issues and help them raise healthy teens. PACT360 contains five key programs –
Meth360®, Parents360, Youth360Latino360 and Padres360 – and is designed to complement and not supplant existing local prevention efforts. All five programs can be customized with local statistics, real-person stories and events and first-hand experiences of the presenters, to reflect the unique needs and issues of the community. This multi-dimensional approach highlights the powerful impact local efforts can have on individual families and communities.  How communities put into practice the PACT360 programs is wide-ranging. Implementation of the programs range from community development plans to individual efforts by local community service organizations, parent teacher organizations and neighborhood watch groups. Communities across the country have used the PACT360 programs in numerous ways to reach parents and teens, and most importantly, the various uses of the program underscores the importance of community partners working together to bring these issues to the forefront.

On the PACT360
you can also find answers to questions about your child's health and safety.  There are examples of how community police officers, school nurses, coaches, teachers, and others work to reduce and respond to substance abuse issues in your neighborhoods and how they can help your kids.
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