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Property Code Enforcement the Neighborly Way

Tone-deaf travelers take heed; North Carolina state law prohibits you from singing out of tune! As for allergy sufferers, you might want to steer clear of Waterville, Maine, where it is illegal to blow your nose in public! Fact is, many such quirky, antiquated (and, thankfully, rarely enforced) ordinances remain on state and local books, eliciting a chuckle and begging the question ‘Just what were the legislators thinking?’ Fortunately, most modern city ordinances do make sense, having been designed to keep residents safe and secure as well as improve the community’s overall quality of life. Without regulations and enforcement, one neighbor’s heaping trash dump becomes a breeding ground for rats and vermin, while another’s failure to install smoke detectors or maintain fire escapes endangers the lives of tenants.

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Property Code Enforcement the Neighborly Way

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