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Igniting the Spark in Crime Watch!

Trivia buffs will be delighted to learn that January, the first month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, was named after Janus, ancient Roman god of the doorway. Traditionally, this “entrance to the new year” is a time for personal reflection and for making new resolutions (perhaps to hit the gym more often in hopes of shedding those stubborn Turkey Day pounds!) For crime prevention organizations, the start of the New Year is also an opportune time to review past achievements, identify present deficiencies, and re-affirm commitment to future success.

Maintaining the community’s interest and encouraging long-term participation in Neighborhood Watch is challenging but well worth the effort (and infinitely more enjoyable than those hours spent on the Stairmaster!) Put to good use, creative thinking and effective communication skills are the crime prevention leader’s most valuable tools for bolstering and sustaining member dedication and support.

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Igniting the Spark in Crime Watch!

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USAonwatch through Neighborhood Watch empowers citizens in ourcommunities with the opportunity to volunteer toward the safety of our homeland,

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