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Please register your watch group  here.  Also, register to receive the newsletter that contains stories and information on what others are doing in their Groups.

Start A Watch Group in 5 Easy Steps

1)   Recruit and Organize as many neighbors as possible
It is wonderful that you are taking the steps to start a Neighborhood Watch group in your neighborhood. The first step is talking to your fellow neighbors about starting a group. 
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Contact your local law enforcement agency and schedule a meeting
The next step is contacting your local law enforcement agency. Invite them to meet with your group at a time and place convenient for your Watch Group. It is essential for your group to work in collaboration with law enforcement because Neighborhood Watch is a cooperative effort.

Discuss community concerns and develop an action plan
If law enforcement is unavailable to come to the first meeting you might want to have a meeting to discuss the concerns and issues in the neighborhood. Your group should create a plan on how to work towards lessening the impact of the top 3 concerns of neighbors.
There are wonderful resources that you can use to guide you on the site. You can print out a Neighborhood Watch Manual and brochures from the
publication library. These materials will help you create and develop a Neighborhood Watch.

Create a communication plan
It is important to decide what type of communication will work for your watch group - meetings or social media or both. Our publication on Advances in Technology Take Watch Groups to the Next Level will help you to understand what resources are out their. The  

Take Action: Hold Meetings and Events
Neighborhood Watch Toolkit has a number of wonderful training topics and meeting ideas that can be useful to your group.

What are some of the benefits of starting a Watch Group?
  • Partnerships with Law Enforcement and your Neighbors
  • Reduction in Crime
  • A More Secure and Better Prepared Hometown
  • A More United Community
  • Improved Communications
As for stickers and signs you need to ask your law enforcement official about them or can purchase them through a number of vendors. The National Sheriffs’ Association does have a brochure that contains products but we recommend you to coordinate with law enforcement first.


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